Sue Big Oil Mission

They Knew.
They Profited.
They Need to Pay.


Big oil companies have been major contributors to climate change through their extraction and production of fossil fuels, which release significant amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

To stop their harmful impact, actions such as divesting from fossil fuels, implementing policies to transition to renewable energy sources, and holding companies accountable through legal action are being taken by governments, environmental organizations, and concerned citizens.

These companies have also funded disinformation campaigns to sow doubt about the reality and severity of climate change, and lobbied against policies that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Watch this ~1 minute video to learn why Big Oil needs regulation and litigation

Hear from happy parents

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Join the Movement Today!

We call on our local governments to:

  • Act urgently to tackle climate change and protect us from future heat waves, flooding, wildfires and other climate impacts;
  • Join with other local governments to file a class action lawsuit to recover a fair share of our climate costs;
  • Allocate at least $1 per person towards a community fund to sue Big Oil; 
  • Build equitable and sustainable communities that put people and the planet before corporate profits; and
  • cooperate with Indigenous peoples in doing so.
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