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Background on the subject

The LIE-brary – collection of internal company documents compiled thanks to the work of journalists, independent researchers, and academics.

Big Oil and Climate Change History – Greenpeace

Ted Talk – The Actual cost of preventing Climate Breakdown

Revealed: Exxon made ‘breathtakingly’ accurate climate predictions in 1970s and 80s


Sue Big Oil News

Sue Big Oil lawsuit continues to gather community, municipal support –Featuring Manvi Bhalla and Kate McMahon.

An Open Letter on Climate Accountability Litigation in Canada


Biden administration sides with climate lawsuit against fossil fuel companies


Engaging Perspectives

Exxon Lobbyist Caught on Camera Going Full Cartoon Villain – YouTube

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‘It’s inequality that kills’: Naomi Klein on the future of climate justice

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The Fairy Tales of the Fossil Fuel Industry – and a better climate story

Recent Updates:

Some new revelations over the past few days about what Shell knew about climate change, and when, as a result of research by a Dutch organization, Changerism and their Dirty Pearls project
This article by Follow the Money is particularly excellent, although you will probably need to create a free account to read it. There’s also a DeSmog blog article, Lost Decade
Of the many documents unearthed, this 1989 Shell document is getting a lot of attention, because Shell actually discusses two future scenarios – one in which the world works to ensure greenhouse gas emissions peak by 2000 and CO2 concentrations eventually stabilize at 400ppm, and the other a business as usual scenario. Guess which one they then spent years advocating for.


The document also spends some time discussing the implications of climate change – including predicting the refugee problems which have plagued the world, as well as increased storms, sea level rise, etc.
There has so far been very little coverage of these newly available documents in mainstream media, so please think about what you can do to amplify them on social media or in your local media. We’re thinking about blogging and/or social media memes, but I wanted to give you all a heads up. 
Here’s a Twitter thread from Ben Franta, and another one from Changerism, which can be retweeted.